What are the 3 main reasons for choosing to use an inverter in your pressurization system?

For some years now, inverter technology has been revolutionizing the world of hydraulics and beyond; however, many wonder if this is just a marketing gimmick.

Let's see below three reasons why choosing an inverter like our Sirio universal can be very useful:

- CONSTANT PRESSURE: the inverter can vary the voltage and frequency of alternating corrent output, thus allowing to modulate the motor revolutions according to the water request and therefore always guarantee a constant pressure regime in the system. So stop jolts when opening the taps, or annoying lack of pressure when you need enough water once you have chosen the desired pressure, the inverter and above all our Sirio will give you constant pressure, always.

- ENERGY SAVING: the reasoning arises that if the engine revolutions are modulated according to the actual request, the inverter will not always operate the system at its maximum capacity but always on the basis of the required load. This guarantees not only energy savings but also a guarantee of duration, resulting in less wear of the system. Our Sirio then combines all these functions with the comfort of greater silence and an important parameter such as soft start, to ensure adequate starting in case of system start-up.

- TOTAL PROTECTION: closely linked to inverter technology is the possibility of better and more precise control of any sudden changes in operating conditions. To this must be added a series of additional protections that in particular our Sirio Universal inverter can guarantee. If the various controls of the dry running of the pump, of the overpressure or over-power protection, of the anti-blocking function or of the restart control may seem trivial, the possibility of managing the Sirio remotely via the interface with a wifi module and your smartphone is something amazing. This simple expedient allows us to always be in contact with our pressurization cabin even if this is in places that are physically difficult to reach.

To conclude, it is very easy to understand why we invested in this technology, and above all how Italtecnica over the years have been able to be a leader in this field. Not only in the research for better solutions for all partners, but also to follow a common thread that unites us all for the next century, as energy saving.

If you need any information about our Sirio Universal, do not hesitate to contact us on any of our platforms.