Discover all the features that make Argo a unique product.


Argo is the new latest generation flow switch under the Italtecnica brand.

Italtecnica pays attention to the needs of its customers and to satisfy the needs of filling and emptying water tanks in the plants it has launched ARGO.

Indispensable in systems where it is necessary to start the pump in the presence of a spontaneous flow of water, Argo contains in its card and in its design some peculiarities and functions that make it unique in its kind such as:

- adjustable shutdown delay

- adjustable autoreset interval and number of attempts

- minimum operating flow around 2LT / min.


These characteristics together with the quality of the italtecnica brand make Argo a reliable and innovative product of its kind. Follow the video for a more detailed presentation and don't forget to leave your follow on our Youtube page.

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