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Summer Holiday

SUMMER HOLIDAY: Summer closure 10-14 August

In this year, which is not normal, we have reached the summer company closure.

Video presentation new Sirio Universal 2020 ENG


Presentation of the new Sirio Universal 2020.

The Sirio Universal uses the best of inverter technology to manage a water pump ensuring constant pressure for any use of the system.

Tired of wasting time on hydraulic connections?

Why waste time on long and sometimes annoying installation procedures of our flow controllers with fixed brass and teflon attacks?

Avoid continuous start and stop of the electric pump: BRIOTANK

The solution that incorporates pressure controller and expansion tank.





Italtecnica takes care of the details and could not have the older brother of the Sirio inverter in its range.

Go inside Italtecnica's world - Inverters - Pressure and Flow Controllers

What's the better way to enter into our world than through an overview of our company?

Italtecnica promote a new Inverter

His name is Sirio Universal.


A new beginning!

A new beginning!

No time to read the instructions?

3° Novelty of new Brio

No time to read the instructions?


Smart autoreset and anti-locking, the second Brio's novelty

2nd novelty for the new Brio
Have you ever run out of water?

Happy Easter!

To our customers and suppliers, the days we are living are "sad and hard" days. They're really putting a strain on us.

Here is the first novelty of the new Brio Italtecnica!

Our company always pays attention to the dynamics and information that our customers send us.