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Italtecnica sets the standard in the plumbing and heating sector thanks to more than 40 years of experience in developing eletric pump control systems for domestic, agricultural and light industry use. The Italtecnica brand is recognized throughout the world as voth a synonym and guarantee of high quality.
The people who work at the company every day are what make it exceptional. The men and womwn at Italtecnica put the values of enthusiasm, teamwork and energy into the company's products and decisions each day.
The corporate philosophy places the focus on people: the growth of personnel, customer service, installation assistance and respect for the final user.
"It is the team that makes work enjoyable. 
Even when things become hectic as the delivery date approaches, you know you can count on your co-workers."
Massimo - Logistics Department
In order to become a leader in the global market, Italtecnica has obtained tools that make the company highly competitive and reliable.
The "Operatore Economico Autorizzato" (Authorized Economic Operator) certification enables the company to make customs declarations independently and eith greater speed. This results in significant economic benefits, both for the company and the customers involved.
Our continuing investments in the field of Research & Development ensure that our products are always innovative and constantly evolving.
Italtecnica is a technological point of reference in its market sector. Besides fulfilling customers' needs, the company is able to guide customers to the right choice by putting its technical know-how at their disposal.
Our research and development work originates from market researches aiming at keeping ourselves up-to-date with consumers needs, and from direct dialogue with our customers. The product concept and design is done in-house; it starts from the product development, it develops with the industrial realization and ends with the managing of the production and control cycles.
Most of our projects originates from the synergy between Italtecnica and its customers. We develop for them any type of solution for the electric pumps control, from the pressure switch to the more advanced variable speed drive.
The design is conceived internally, and is based on the cooperation with most important international research and certification authorities on electric safety, environment protection and quality systems.
Italtecnica has a in-house division for moulding, lathe turning, mould construction and digitalized production management. This makes our production management. This makes our production strongly computerized and independent.
Italtecnica's concern for the environment is also apparent in the attention it gives to packaging. Sustainable, recyclable and reusable are key words in the company's Logistics Department.
The Italtecnica brand has a presence on five contients and is synonymous with reliability. Technology and innovation are the cornerstoners of our work. We continually invest in these areas, realizing that this distinguishes us from the parallel market of couterfeit products.