The solution that incorporates pressure controller and expansion tank.


It often happens in a domestic environment to have small water leaks in the system, a dripping tap and very short requests for water; Briotank was created with the specific aim of avoiding continuous restart of the electric pump caused by small system losses.

Its technology consists of a real 0.4LT expansion tank inside which functions as a water reserve, useful to avoid the pump starts generated by minimal water requests. The membrane of the jar, loaded at 1.5 bar at the factory, is made of butyl, a material suitable to last over time and which does not require frequent inspections for refilling.

Simple and compact, the BRIOTANK controller can be installed in any position, vertically and horizontally, and in a similar way to the little brother BRIO it can be adjusted in its intervention pressure from 1 to 3.5 bar.

A tip: try it directly with our plastic revolving connections.


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