We want to reassure all our customers and suppliers that we are operational.

The Government, through an explanatory note of the Prime Ministerial Decree issued on 8 March 2020, clarified that "the limitations introduced do not prohibit travel for proven work reasons, leaving free movement of goods".

Personnel conducting means of transport can enter and leave the territories affected by the decree, limited to the needs of delivery or collection of the goods.


Italtecnica Srl is taking all necessary measures to deal with the emergency, to protect our Customers / Suppliers, our staff and anyone who interacts with our company.

We constantly monitor the evolution of the situation and make sure that our collaborators comply with the provisions regarding the containment of contagion.

The situation is constantly evolving and therefore the measures will be adapted to needs.

Even in a moment of particular difficulty, we continue to strive to guarantee our customers the best quality of service.

In thanking you for the trust you continue to give us, we take this opportunity to extend our best regards and invite you to abide by the provisions of the Ministry of Health.