Eliminate the problem of continuous starts of the pump or its prolonged stop?

It may have happened to you that your pump does not stop even though the taps are closed, or you will surely have heard that annoying start and stop of the pump during its use.

To solve these problems, Italtecnica gives you some advice on how to work independently and solve these small annoyances related to normal use problems.


In the first case, the most common cause of this problem is the valve blocked with impurities or dirt that prevents it from functioning properly.

With new Brio2.0 this issue is quickly solve: after removing the screws that bind the brio cap to the central body, you can easily remove anything obstructing the valve, and easily reassemble the brio with the screws and the appropriate o-ring.



In the second case, on the other hand, the problem is linked to the operating flow which does not reach the adequate level to make the system work continuously.

In fact, this value is often lower than what the device used can read, however thanks to the new Brio 2.0 the threshold has been greatly reduced and allows constant operation even at around 2.5 / 3 LT / min.


Lastly, we also remind you that using an expansion tank or carrying out good maintenance on the system can help avoid any problems and guarantee correct operation over time.


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