A new beginning!

Today 4 May 2020 is no ordinary day: Italtecnica officially restarts at full speed, according to the indications of its government, after the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 health emergency.

Aware of the difficulties faced so far and aware that the emergency period has not yet ended, we wish all our customers and suppliers the best for the present and the near future.

The experiences gained so far will help and warn us not to let our guard down. By paying the right attention to the safety and prevention of people, however, we do not want to forget what we do best: take care of all our customers and products.

We will do our best right now to offer our best service to all those who live in the Italtecnica world, made up not only of pressure switches or inverters, controllers or flow switches, but also of people available.


With the hope of seeing you again soon with all of you and that a new normal can come,

We send you our warmest regards,


At your disposal.