In the wake of the technical innovations proposed in this strange 2020, Italtecnica will shortly present on the market the new version of its digital pressure flow switch.

Briotop 2.0 is not only the technical evolution of the popular predecessor model, but an upgrade that expands its possibilities of use.

The new shape has a specific internal housing that allows you to place a condenser for the pump if you want to avoid mounting an external panel, very useful in case of submersible pumps.

The version with 1 '' connections will also be accompanied by the version of 1'' and 1/4 connections, to reduce the pressure drop in cases where the pump installed is greater than 2CV and to avoid installation via by-pass.

The two main and significant innovations presented so far are accompanied by a series of improvements to the internal design and its electronics, which make the Briotop 2.0 a unique item of its kind and suitable for multiple uses.


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