BRIOTOP 2.0 The digital pressure flow switch.

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Completely new, it combines the simplicity of a pressure switch and the reliability of a pressure flow switch.

The large display allows programming, with ease and precision.

Inside, the compartment dedicated to the condenser makes it the ideal partner for the system with submersible pumps, as it eliminates the use of a switchboard or of a control panel.

Available in several versions with 1 'or 1' and 1/4 connections. It can be used on pumps up to 16A (3HP) of any type.

The alarm history makes it extremely functional to verify any type of problem that has occurred over time and the numerous protections prevent the same problems from causing damage by intervening in the event of ice, overload, overpressure and anti-blocking.

What more to ask for an ambivalent tool.

Good vision.