Presentation of the new Sirio Universal 2020.

The Sirio Universal uses the best of inverter technology to manage a water pump ensuring constant pressure for any use of the system.

Sirio Universal can even manage two different type of pump, a single-phase 230V and a three-phase 230V, depending on the pump used in the system.

The functionality of the Sirio Universal has been improved to ensure not only constant pressure in the system, but also an accurate control of its management, not only the vision in memory of any overload and overpressure errors that may occur but also their resolution, thanks to a complete possibility of customizing the advanced parameters by the end user to get closer to the needs of each use.

Italtecnica then provides all the adequate support for a complete service that goes from the first installation, to the actual commissioning and to the possibility of retrieving instructions and information via the QR code affixed to the product; finally the Sirio Universal can be controlled via mobile thanks to the Wifi card which can be purchased separately and installed in the inverter.


Italtecnica at the service of its customers.