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Water inverter

Inverter Acqua

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SIRIO Universal

• It controls the start and stop functions of the traditional electric pump (surface, vertical and submersible) and modulates the motor rotations according to the water request from the system. Hammering is reduced and inrush starting current avoided.
Constant pressure.
• Integrated pressure transducer.
• Possibility to desable the flow sensor if the water is not perfectly clean or ferrous.
Energy saving.
• Protection against dry running.
• Automatic reset in event of dry running.

Plumbing Connections

• Plastic plumbing connection with up to 10 bar guaranteed tightness
• 1 "or 1" 1/4 straight fitting
• Male or revolving female outlet connection available
• Fitting with 90 ° elbow available
• Quick installation thanks to the revolving connection
• Easy removal of the device from the system for short maintenance
• Internal rubber gasket replacing hemp or teflon, guarantees quick assembly and prevents check valve malfunctions
• Compatible with any control device available on the market
• Lower cost than brass connection