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Pressure and flow controllers

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• Timed-start flowswitch for filling and emptying tanks for electric pumps up to 2hp.
Protects against dry running.
• Internal valve for detecting the water flow designed to allow the water column to be emptied.
Adjustable pump shutdown delay (10-30-60-120 seconds).
Autoreset interval and adjustable number of attempts (interval between tests 15-30-60-120 minutes, attempts 6-12-24-infinite).
• Easy to replace electronic card.




• Suitable for water pumping systems with pressure tank as digital pressure switch, or as flow and pressure controller.
Internal compartment dedicated to pump capacitor and PCB kit for fast connection with the pump.
Available with 1" or 1 1/4" plastic connection
• Pressure values adjustable via digital display.
• Pressure values and motor current showed on the display.







• Dry running protection device for use in booster sets in series with the traditional pressure switch.
• Internally adjustable stop delay of the pump from 10 to 180 seconds to enable filling of expansion tanks of various capacities.
• Available with SCHUKO socket or pre-fitted electric cables, that is a valid alternative to the external float switch (simplified electrical connection, suitable also for "do it by yourself").
• Automatic reset after a stop caused by dry running, standard time interval 60 min/4 tests.

Plumbing Connections

• Plastic plumbing connection with up to 10 bar guaranteed tightness
• 1 "or 1" 1/4 straight fitting
• Male or revolving female outlet connection available
• Fitting with 90 ° elbow available
• Quick installation thanks to the revolving connection
• Easy removal of the device from the system for short maintenance
• Internal rubber gasket replacing hemp or teflon, guarantees quick assembly and prevents check valve malfunctions
• Compatible with any control device available on the market
• Lower cost than brass connection